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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the hardest part about trading?

Psychology for sure.  If you can master your emotions and detach from the dollar amount your learning curve wil be less painful.


I have $10,000 how much should I put into the market?

I never recommend any amount to anyone but chances of you blowing up your first account are high so never more than what you're willing to lose.


How long did it take for you to become profitable?

11 months but my learning curve was much different.  I didn't have the benefit and option of a course like this or demo account.  I had to learn the hard way from the market by losing real money.


How much can I make from trading?

Very subjective question because everyone has different mindsets whch will either help you make money or make you lose money till corrected.  Everyone has different risk tolerance and every has different goals.


Why did you start trading?

I was tired of being broke or struggling to make it by.  I don't like authority or reporting to people which didn't allow me to ever be able to keep a job.  I saw some dudes online making money trading in different markets and new it was something I'd enjoy doing.


Why do you teach?

Money is cool but making it isn't a soul fulfilling experience. Nothing feels better than putting people in a position to change their life and help them change the lives of people around them.


Best three rules to follow?

Be patient, discipilned, and understanding of what's going on to adjust your mistakes and to maximize your wins.


The least amount you can start with?

I think all brokers are different but majority I believe have a minimum deposit of $100 USD which with proper discipline, risk management, and patiene can turn into something much larger.


How long till I make money?

Again subjective because it depends on how well you absorb information, how well you apply information, how much you study per day, and how well you correct mistakes.


How much can you make in a day?

The only limiting factors as to the amount you can make in a day is you, your mindset, your capital, and risk tolerance.  The market and brokers can't put a cap on what you make so you are your only enemy.

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Learn and Earn With Chris was founded in 2015 to enlighten individuals around the world about the power the financial market's can have on someone's life. Our team consists of highly educated individuals who trade daily in the FX (foreign exchange) market. With over 10,000 hours of screen time and many hours of back testing our strategies, we can serve anyone of all experience levels. We have taken all of our knowledge in the markets and shrunk it down to a step by step program made easy to understand and straightforward to apply. Having taught over 440+ motivated students from over 53 countries, we are continuously inspired to keep growing our reach and impact on the world.

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