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Our Mission

Everything we do for the Trading Community we do to challenge the status quo.

We believe by pushing the boundaries and destroying any limiting beliefs that people come into the community with – we can turn any open-minded individual into a highly skilled investor.

We have created a course that enables every individual to gain a new perspective of the financial markets.  This unique perspective on what is possible ouside of the 9-to-5 and what it feels like to work hard to accumulate wealth for themselves – rather than someone else.

By doing this we have been able to create multiple 5, 6, and 7 figure traders.

Learn and Earn With Chris was founded in 2015 to enlighten individuals around the world about the power the financial market’s can have on someone’s life. Our team consists of highly educated individuals who trade daily in the FX (foreign exchange) market. With over 10,000 hours of screen time and many hours of back testing our strategies, we can serve anyone of all experience levels. We have taken all of our knowledge in the markets and shrunk it down to a step by step program made easy to understand and straightforward to apply. Having taught over 440+ motivated students from over 53 countries, we are continuously inspired to keep growing our reach and impact on the world.
The Start

I have been self employed since 2012 after getting terminated from yet ANOTHER job. Overweight, newly single, and beyond unhappy, it was time to redesign life as I wanted it to be.

Late 2013, after coming across the profile of a very successful Forex trader online, my interest was ignited. Herein lied the problem though, I had little or no funds to begin with so it all had to stay a dream.

About 7 months later, I was going to detail a client’s car (I did vinyl wrapping and detailing) I came across this same guy’s profile again. I’d promised myself 7 months prior, when I initially stumbled on him that I would pursue this new venture if that spark was still lurking somewhere in me so I could deviate towards my only and ultimate goal of FINANCIAL FREEDOM. I dug deep, lo and behold, that spark was still there; flaming and burning brighter than ever.

I reached out and found out I’d need to fork out $7,000 to learn this course. Of course I didn’t have that kind of money. I then decided to make the ultimate sacrifice. I’d saved up every single penny I’d earned in the previous months and bought a Honda Rukus for $13,000. I sold it a month after purchase for $4,500. I was so determined to learn about this course and I was ready to give it all it required. I was so determined and ready to pursue my destiny.

The Journey (the Pain)

Eventually I was able to save up the $7000 by selling personal belongings, some of which were very special to me. I paid for the course, put $3500 into my first penny stock account, and was ready for battle. With a mixture of ego, naiveness, and ZERO education I lost everything in that account in about 45minutes. I was dazed and confused. I ‘d had thought because I bought a course I had magically absorbed all of the contents. It was a punch to the gut but that didn’t stop me. I put my head down and started studying. After long days and nights for a few weeks, I quickly realized that this material was poorly structured, beyond basic, and was not what I thought it was. I went back to the drawing board and started the grind afresh.

Over the next year, I toiled day and night, lost dollar after dollar, cried myself to sleep questioning if this was the right choice and wondering where it kept going wrong.

About 11 months into my constant loss rather than profits, something clicked. I finally had my first profitable day. That first led to yet another. My first profitable week was eventually birthed. That profitable trading week led to my first profitable month. That wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t journaled. Every single mistake I made was documented. That way I was able to avoid making the same mistakes.

Keep in mind though that at this point I was $55,000 USD in debt.

The Vision

During my journey and tears, I made two key promises to myself.

Firstly, I’d etched it into the core of my very existence that I would never give up on my goal of constantly working towards FREEDOM; My life, My finances and my time.Secondly, I’d also promised myself that once I found success I’ll proceed to educate people the exact same way I came by my success.

In September 2015, Learn and Earn With Chris was founded. Reminiscing over my journey feels like it’s been forever but herein lies the truth; I’M ONLY GETTING STARTED. I’ve been on the receiving end of deceitful brokers who’s frozen my accounts and forced to start all over again, I’ve lost a fortune(which I recovered) to drug abuse which I overcame, I’ve endured unimaginable criticism and condemnation, but I still stand tall with my head held so high with my army, made-up of multiple millionaire students.

Some of students supplement their incomes with profits from trading and a vast majority of them are achieving their goals of retiring their parents. I strongly believe that there isn’t a successful person who’s had an easy past.

Lastly, there is a widely spread misconception about forex trading on the internet. It is perceived by many as an easy way to make money. It is my job to squash this fallacious tendencies. In my words, Forex trading is the hardest, toughest and unlikeliest way to make easy money!

The Course
This course was not designed or emulated to give you the golden key, this course was designed to give you all the keys that helped me find success and build your own path using them. THIS COURSE WILL NOT MAKE YOU RICH OVERNIGHT, but it can lead you to riches in the long term through hard work, dedication, perseverance & patience. I didn’t come from a family with money, I didn’t come from a trust fund or inherit any large sum of money, I simply worked my ass off and my work ethic still shows it more than ever as a full time day trader since 2014. I implore you to take your life by the balls and make the change you want because if you don’t today you more than likely won’t tomorrow.

I look forward to building a better future with you and the rest of the LAEWC family. See you on the other side!

The Journey

Live Like Us

I didn’t come from a family with money, I didn’t come from a trust fund or inherit any large sum of money, I simply worked my ass off and my work ethic still shows today more than ever as a full time day trader since 2014.  I went from owning a used entry-level VW to having multiple exotic cars.

I can do it, so can you!

Why Choose Us

This course was not designed or emulated to give you the golden key, this course was designed to give you all the keys that helped me find success and build your own path using them. THIS COURSE WILL NOT MAKE YOU RICH OVERNIGHT, but it can lead you to riches in the long term through hard work, dedication, perseverance & patience.

I implore you to take your life by the balls and make the change you want because if you don’t today you more than likely won’t tomorrow.

I look forward to building a better future with you and the rest of the LAEWC family.  See you on the other side!


We are NOT an MLM


We will NOT give you a sales pitch


We do NOT pay individuals to recruit new clients


We are NOT a pyramid scheme


We do NOT guarantee riches


We do NOT provide trading signals


We are NOT another get rich quick scheme


You will NOT get rich over night

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the hardest part about trading?

Psychology for sure.  If you can master your emotions and detach from the dollar amount your learning curve wil be less painful.


I have $10,000 how much should I put into the market?

I never recommend any amount to anyone but chances of you blowing up your first account are high so never more than what you're willing to lose.


How long did it take for you to become profitable?

11 months but my learning curve was much different.  I didn't have the benefit and option of a course like this or demo account.  I had to learn the hard way from the market by losing real money.


How much can I make from trading?

Very subjective question because everyone has different mindsets whch will either help you make money or make you lose money till corrected.  Everyone has different risk tolerance and every has different goals.


Why did you start trading?

I was tired of being broke or struggling to make it by.  I don't like authority or reporting to people which didn't allow me to ever be able to keep a job.  I saw some dudes online making money trading in different markets and new it was something I'd enjoy doing.


Why do you teach?

Money is cool but making it isn't a soul fulfilling experience. Nothing feels better than putting people in a position to change their life and help them change the lives of people around them.


Best three rules to follow?

Be patient, discipilned, and understanding of what's going on to adjust your mistakes and to maximize your wins.


The least amount you can start with?

I think all brokers are different but majority I believe have a minimum deposit of $100 USD which with proper discipline, risk management, and patiene can turn into something much larger.


How long till I make money?

Again subjective because it depends on how well you absorb information, how well you apply information, how much you study per day, and how well you correct mistakes.


How much can you make in a day?

The only limiting factors as to the amount you can make in a day is you, your mindset, your capital, and risk tolerance.  The market and brokers can't put a cap on what you make so you are your only enemy.


“LAEWC is definitely the best bang for your buck. With all the material and hands on live trader sessions you would have to be a fool to look anywhere else for a mentor. I learned about LAEWC from a friend who shared Chris’ page. After following him for some time and watching him preach his methods and just seeing his success I wanted a piece of that. I wanted financial freedom and i saw LAEWC as the solution. I have learned a lot since I have joined and am slowly reaping the benefits. As long as you put in the work you will see amazing results. Stay focused and give LAEWC a shot you wont regret it one bit.”
Japneet Sidana

NY, 12.12.2019

“I love LAEWC’s course, it’s been a big eye opener for me. Being new to Forex, I didn’t know there could be such an organized way to approach the market. The process and the group support has definitely been nothing but incredible, I have learned and continue to learn so much from Chris and the other members.

Chris actually was the person who motivated me to get into trading, just seeing the freedom it could provide immediately got my attention.

After reading many books on personal development and Investing, I figured there had to be more in life than a 8am-7pm job. I was determined to find something I could do from anywhere, and not have to commute to work, to be able to spend more time with my family. I concluded investing was a great option, my first interest was the stock market. There was plenty of free information available, but I realized I would need a large enough starting capital to invest in larger companies. A starting “capital” I did not possess, and the market was only open during the hours I was at work and could not research or view charts. So naturally that plan wasn’t feasible for me. I didn’t even consider Forex until someone I know showed me Chris’ instagram almost a year ago, I was very skeptical at first, but after following him for 3 months, seeing how well he performed, and how knowledgeable he appeared to be, he was never a flashy phoney like the other Forex people I had seen, holding stacks of money. It had me thinking he must be the real deal.

Being 31 years old, I’ve been a tradesman for the last decade, I had a job since I was 14. I’ve reached a point in my life where I no longer wanted to work for someone else, I no longer wanted to spend my life trading time for money, I wanted my money to work hard for me.

After becoming a father is when it hit me the hardest, I didn’t want to spend most of my life away from my wife and kids, I want to be around for everything, experience it all with them. I bought his course for that purpose, and I’ve never looked back.

There’s no fluff or sugar coating in this course from day one, “.. put in the work if you want to see results…” it takes hard work dedication and the right mentorship, between the lessons, training videos, daily webinars, not to mention the active and positive group chats I feel as if I underpaid for all this value.

Thank you again Chris, you gave me the one thing I sought most, freedom and Time.”



“After joining with other Forex “mentors” in the past, I never really grasped any material they offered as it was sporadic and unorganized. All they really offered was a signal service, without actually taking the time to teach you the aspects of being a trader. Ever since joining Learn and Earn With Chris, I feel like I’m on my way to greatness.

I initially found Chris on Instagram, as I was drawn to his motivational and humble approach to life. With myself being huge on personal development and continual improvement, I felt like I really connected to Chris even with just reading his posts. Then I found out he mentors his students in Forex, which immediately gained my interest. After sorting out my personal situation, I decided to take the leap and join his mentorship! It was the best decision that I had made in a while. The content and organization of Chris’ material on his website is awesome. The hard work and hours he has put in to helping others is evident and unlike any other mentor that I’ve come across.

After joining his Forex family, I realized how much information I did not know beforehand. It’s truly amazing what a great mentor can do for you, not only with learning new information but also keeping you motivated and lighting a fire under your ass! He hands you the knowledge in a silver platter but it’s truly up to you to put in the effort and find your own way to use that information.

Happy to be apart of the family!”

Inderraj S.


“Chris’s course has completely changed my life. Not just financially but in every aspect of my life. I first discovered Forex trading in 2017 on youtube and was amazed by the financial freedom that it could create. The ability to be financially free and be able to do what I want, went I want was my main motivation to get started. My dream has always been to work for myself. I started to self educate and demo trade. For a year i struggled trying to learn. Once i found LAEWC on Instagram and discovered he was based in Toronto I knew it was the course for me. I purchased his course in September of 2018 and never looked back. Through the hours of video lessons, multiple live sessions and reading material I learned things i could have never learned on my own. The group chats are always active and its amazing that I now have like-minded friends all over the world. Now a year and a half into the course i have tripled my live account and its just the beginning!

Thanks LAEWC!”

Angelo N.

Toronto, ON, Canada, 12.12.2019

“I’ve been delighted with LAEWC ever since I started. It has changed my life in the fact that when I get home from my job where I work 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. I have something that I look forward to doing, whether it’s a live session, just looking at my charts or watching training videos. I now can say that I use my time wisely and am learning a valuable skill where I can make money 🙂 Well hopefully this doesn’t sound weird, but I would say that I inspired myself to start trading. Heres how, I remember asking my mother years ago if her and my dad ever invested any money when they were younger, and she told me they never did because they weren’t ‘sure’ about it. Mind you, no one in my family works or ever worked in any type of investing. So naturally when I heard that I was like ‘man I definitely have to invest some money into something”. Then I started reading and figuring out what investing was and everything about. Any article online or book in the store I could get my hands on and read I did. So I started about four years ago investing in stocks and then found out about forex and loved everything about it. Still, have my longterm stocks, but forex is my “all in” now. I learned about LAEWC on Instagram and probably only about nine months ago. I watched you perform and post for about a month before I knew you were a legit master and I don’t think I’m wrong about that at all. Seriously I’ve been nothing but pleased with the knowledge you’ve passed on and the teaching as well. I became a student because stocks are fun to trade, but the whole time the market is open, I’m at work. With forex, I can trade different sessions around the world at different times, and I’m able to trade the US session at work. I don’t know what about looking at charts and trying to figure out where the price is going to go, but I love it :). What pushed me is well I’m 28 years old now, and I’m a shipping/receiving guy at my work. I’ve been a hard worker my whole life, had a job since I was 14 delivering papers making bank. I work for a mechanical contractor now, which is plumbers and steamfitters…guys who work hard with their hands every day. I’m always around hard work, whether it’s at work or it’s me. I want to work for myself by myself, and it’s been a goal of mine since I was 23 and it was time to finally go all in and make that step towards my better future!

Thank you again, brother”

Sean G.

Toronto, ON, Canada, 22.08.2019

“I came across Chris’ profile on Instagram after seeing multiple posts of him and his students making profits in the Forex market day after day and wondering what this was all about? To be honest I was highly skeptical so decided to do my due diligence.

After lengthy correspondence with Chris, even taking the time to talk on the phone and going above and beyond to answer all of my questions, I still didn’t sign up because it seemed like a lot of money and also thought what information could Chris know that I haven’t already learned in the stacks of books, thousands of web pages and years in school?

After some more frustrating trades and scratching my head for over 20 years of trading I admitted to myself…… I’m missing something and may never figure this out on my own. I remembered Chris saying ” what do you have to lose? you’ve probably lost more on a single trade” and he was right, wasn’t the value of education worth more than a single losing trade? I took the plunge and signed up without any more hesitation.

The information contained in the Learn and earn with Chris program were some of the missing pieces of the puzzle I was looking for. It has been a game changer for me! I’ve made significant improvements in identifying better trades opportunities, proper entries and exits and more importantly, when not to trade and also proper risk management, that was always my nemesis!

Chris consistently goes out of his way on a daily basis to motivate, educate and constantly push the team to higher standards of trading success! I want to express my gratitude to Chris and his team for welcoming me to not only the Learn and Earn with Chris team, but also the family!”

David Belsky

Waterloo, Ontario, 02.14.2017


My name is Dmitrie and I sit out of Toronto area. I met Chris through some mutual friends, shot him a follow on insta, and have been working with him for 5 years. The course is like a toolbox. If you have stuff to do around your house, it’s up to you to get the toolbox and get er’ done. For the first few years, in part due to personal and in part my complacency, I neglected my house (wanting to get that financial freedom, I focused on working for the man). In the last couple, I broke open the toolbox and have been working on my house. If you can tell, I like analogies. Chris put together a course that helps you understand and apply. The content fits all trading types and you take away parts and build your strategy that suits you. Phenomenal mentor, out of this world energy, and a banging toolkit!


Toronto, 05.28.2020

“My name is Antonio, I’m 24 years old and I’m from Bassano del grappa, Italy.
4 years ago a friend and I were back from a holiday in Spain.

I was working in a car wash, my friend at the factory. We worked 10 hours a day, 6-7 every week. Tired of our life, we had no chance to change.

Attracted by online trading advertisements, we paid a guy we knew from London, to teach us. The course was super poor and obviously we lost a lot of money.
After 1 year of disappointment, my friend showed me Chris’s profile on Instagram. Consequently also the LAEWC page.
From that day I began to have a clear vision of what this business can offer. I began to follow Chris on social media and his lifestyle struck me immediately. They weren’t bullshit. I saw his results, designer clothes, 2 Audemars Piguet, G63amg, Miami, Jamaica etc etc …

He earned Thousands and thousands of dollars a day. He was living the life I wanted to live.

After a couple of months following him, I decided to buy his course and join the LAEWC family.
The course was all in English, I’m fucking Italian and I didn’t understand anything.
I have translated every single word, months have passed.

The world of trading was starting to get clearer and clearer

After 6 years of car wash, this year I finally quit my job.
Today I live as a trader and I love my life. I am profitable. I earn more than when I worked 200 hours a month.

Chris and his course, LAEWC, changed my life.

Buying this course was the best investment of my life.

Thanks Chris!!!”

Antonio G.


“I started my journey into learning how to trade the foreign exchange market in January of 2017. I was anxious and ready to learn, but I needed someone to point me in the right direction because I had no idea where to start. I used baby pips.com for a little and a few other sources, but although they gave decent information on trading I was still so lost. I came across Chris’s instagram page on day after looking through pictures of traders and their profits and his page stood out the most out of anyones. I messaged chris about trading and even when he had no idea who I was and wasn’t his student he still gave me some pretty great tips on where and how to start learning how to trade other than his personal course. I took his advice and tried to learn and trade on my own, which didn’t last too long. I was of course skeptical of paying someone who I have never met to teach me how to trade so I waited about 3 months and then I finally took the leap and joined Chris’s course. Chris has helped me create and jumpstart my career in trading forex immensely which I will one day pay him back for. His live webinars every morning with his students gave us such a great bias overlook of how to read market structure and patterns so we could become profitable as a group. He is always very active with his students even though there is over 200 of them on our team. He treats his students like family and wants to see them win more than anyone. He is one of the best traders in the game that I know and still such an inspiring and humble person. Thanks for everything homie!”
Brandon G. Shelton

CT, 04.30.2018


I’m Simon from Toronto. In 1990, I started investing in the stock market. In an attempt to educate myself, I read many books on the subject, as well as watched a lot of online seminars. In spite of all my efforts in becoming a better investor, I found that at best, all I could manage was hit and miss! In 2016, having a young family, I decided I could no longer take the risks I took when I was single, so I after listening in on one of Chris’s chat lines, I decided to learn forex trading. Thanks to Chris’s training methods, I feel comfortable reading charts, using moving averages and levels. Knowledge is power. I want to continue building upon the solid foundation I have already attained by following “Learn & Earn with Chris” via his Facebook page as well as his blog. Before I came across “Learn & Earn with Chris” I have tried everything: subscribed to financial newsletters, attended investor’s seminars, etc. Nothing really helped me further my skills as an investor, until I came across Chris’s blog. With him, I have learnt more in the last six months than in all my 20 years of trading in the stock market. Since starting in November 2016, my portfolio has been up 100%. My yearly target was USD$150,000, but I actually made USD$220,000 in the first month(January) forex trading. More importantly, Chris provides you with an extensive financial education. In my opinion, he’s one of the best traders out there. His vision is always 100% correct. Never bet against him, you are doomed to fail. Thank you Chris for imparting your knowledge and providing me the edge in the forex market to make money and giving me an opportunity of a lifetime. “


Toronto, 01.29.2017


“I found out about Chris’s course through Instagram. I looked at his Instagram and thought wow, this guy is living the life. I’ve always heard about forex but never really took action until coming upon Chris’s Instagram. He’s a real down to earth guy and his course is amazing very detailed and takes you step by step through everything you need to know about day trading. Not only do you get 100+ hours of educational videos and all his years of hard work but you get his discord, and his support. I promise you for someone who has over 70k+ followers, he will get back to you regardless. But his videos will explain everything. Personally for what is offered I believe this course is underpriced. But please take notes and pay attention. All you need is hard work and dedication and you will succeed. Thank you Chris for everything, honestly you’ve changed my life for the better. 

 Jon Nazario

Newark, NJ. 05.22.2020

“After joining LAEWC my trading game not only has my knowledge in the forex game but also my psychology when it comes to trading. The community he’s created for absolutely anyone to ask questions and get a better insight in itself is unbelievable, on top of that the course material is explained in such a way where it’s like learning a simple subject.

In all honestly in a way Chris inspired me to start trading through his lifestyle I witnessed on IG and how he controls his own destiny opposed to the traditional 9-5. I then joined because I wanted something similar and overall better lifestyle with more freedom and growth financially and intellectually

I was fortunate to learn about LAEWC through a friend numerous years ago or else I would have never had the opportunity, and only recently started to take it seriously after signing up a year ago, and on top of that I’ve already seen some major growth.

Why did I choose LAEWC over everyone else you ask? I have never seen any mentor have live sessions daily for his students and the commitment and passion to help others is clearly seen. You have a name in his family and not a number in every other “program” out there LOL

F*@K that Sh*t

If you’re still debating, think about what else you’d do with your money instead of betting on yourself to grow and prosper.”

Eric N.


“I first saw Chris on Instagram and was motivated by his belief and ability to prove you can achieve anything you want in life if you work hard enough at it. Seeing as I live by a similar motto I was intrigued by his career and what he had achieved. I’d been involved with the share market but never been involved in the Forex market before. I was extremely hesitant at first to sign up and take a leap of faith with the program, I even tried looking online to find any reviews (generally looking for bad ones so I had an excuse not to join) but I found nothing! To be honest, I knew very little about the Forex market but let me tell you, joining this program is one the BEST things you will ever do in your life. Don’t get me wrong, don’t expect to join and have all the answers given to you to become instantly successful in the Forex market, YOU NEED TO PUT THE WORK IN. In saying that, EVERYTHING you need to learn and study is in this course. I signed up about 2 or 3 months ago and have just recently created my live account.

The group chats are always buzzing with people talking, asking and answering questions and discussing general analysis. The money is just worth the group chats on there own.

Chris is just something else, extremely motivated and inspiring guy who wants all of us to achieve our very best and provides us with the tools to do so!”



“Chris’ trading program really changed my views on day trading, his work ethic and dedication towards his students is unparalleled. From the moment I signed up I was confident I made the right decision and was working with some like minded young professionals.  If you’ve always wanted to get into trading and didn’t quite know where to start this is definitely the course for you!”

Montreal, 07.28.2016

“Dear Chris,

Where can I start? I came across your Instagram page 1.5 years ago and I thought why not hit him up? This came out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Not only has he taught me a lot about Forex but also about life. Chris is easily the Forex “guru”. His webinars are clear and his course is also a banger. He also gives you a lot of ideas about great books to become an more open-minded person and good living person. Chris is always there when you need help, if it’s Forex or not. He doesn’t have a 76-member Forex team but a 76 member family. Chris is one of the most honest, focused, driven, relaxed guys I’ve ever met and I’m happy with that! Sorry for my bad grammar because I’m from the Netherlands and only 17-years-old”


Netherlands, 07.23.2016

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Learn and Earn With Chris was founded in 2015 to enlighten individuals around the world about the power the financial market's can have on someone's life. Our team consists of highly educated individuals who trade daily in the FX (foreign exchange) market. With over 10,000 hours of screen time and many hours of back testing our strategies, we can serve anyone of all experience levels. We have taken all of our knowledge in the markets and shrunk it down to a step by step program made easy to understand and straightforward to apply. Having taught over 440+ motivated students from over 53 countries, we are continuously inspired to keep growing our reach and impact on the world.

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